Samuel Ericson

Not enough Magic to be council, not enough wolf to be pack.




Name: Samuel Ericson
Birthdate: June 1, 1994
Father: Clark Ericson
Birthdate: February 22, 1900
Mother: Delphine St. Victoire
Birthdate: January 1, 1959
Current Curriculum; International Affairs B.A., Criminal Justice B.A.-Currently working on a Masters in International Affairs, and taking a special topics for A.S. in Forensic Computing. Attends Tulane University.
Primary through High School: Private Tutors, and Private Schools.
Current Status: Employed by Monoc Security, under contract while in school. Office located in New Orleans. Father in charge of “Embassy Security Forces”.
Current Benefits Package: Salary, $120,000 per annum, 401k, Tuition paid, corporate car/Driver on as needed basis.
Security Level; 6 out of 10

Sam’s first change was at age 8, while he thought it was great fun he was scared he’d get into trouble so didn’t say anything. Constantly feeling like he was in an “Air Conditioned Dog House” he forced himself to work all that much harder to keep his parents proud lest they find out his secret. He’d seen movies where parents kicked kids out for being different. It was an afterschool special so it must be true. To try to stay out of the way and curtail certain anger issues he retreated into books, usually fantasy, where he could understand the main characters.

Samuel Ericson

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